Ahmed E. Harb


Ahmed got his bachelor degree 1989 in accounting from Tanta University in Egypt, and then got his master in finance from University of Leicester - UK, Leicester, United Kingdom.

He is a full member of the UK Professional Board of Certified Financial Managers, and also a member of the American Institute of Certified Management Accountant.

Ahmed is registered as a certified Accountant and Auditor in the Certified Public Accountants and Auditors Tables in the Ministry of Finance – Egypt.

Ahmed started his career early on 1990 in Egypt, then he started his practical experience in Saudi Arabia back in 1991, he worked for United Construction and Trading Company (UCTC), one of Saudi Bin Ladin Group (SBG) in 1993, and then he worked at Rasheed Engineering and Rasheed Geotechnical and Materials Engineers (RGME) up to April 2000, and finally joined Zuhair Fayez Partnership (ZFP) in May 2000 till now.

The main accountability of his role is how to build the finance function in an organization. He always seek, identify and implement financial best practices throughout the firm that will serve to enhance internal processes, client service, and improve cost and productivity efficiencies. He has overall responsibility for the finance function including control, financial and management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, financial planning and analysis, liaison with external audit, systems, regulatory reporting and compliance, and treasury.

Ahmed has more than twenty three years of experience in financial management roles within a structured organization with a robust finance function. He has also earlier participation in build up/transformation initiatives in some companies.

He has strong communication and presentation skills, high analytic and financial management skills, as well as strong control awareness, and deep understanding, not only of the financial dynamics of a business, but its operating dynamics including cash and cost controls.

Ahmed’s one of his key strength is; he has high ethics and integrity; respect for other cultures, and adaptability to an organization in flux. He is self confidence, tact and resilience to handle challenging situations comfortably and calmly.