Fady Elias Ghobril

VP-CEO Office
Born: 1 August 1961
Nationality: Lebanese


Since November 1987: 
Zuhair Fayez Partnership

October 2011 – current:
Vice-President - President’s Office
Member of the company’s Executive Board in addition to the previous responsibilities.

April 2001 – October 2011:
Director of President’s Office

November 1987 – April 2001:
President’s Office Manager 
Handle diversified activities that require versatility, multitasking, coordination and efficient use of different means of action.

  • Advise the President on his personal finances. Manage and monitor his personal bank accounts and investments within KSA and abroad.
  • Secretary of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.
  • Between February 2006 and March 2011 participated to Workshops given to company’s Executive Board that covered
    • Corporate Governance Policies and Practices
    • Corporate Strategy & Balanced scorecard & KPIs
      • Facilitated by CLCI – Canada
  • Embedding of Strategic Planning Function and Development of Corporate Strategy.
  • Transformation of governance and management practices at ZFP and Leadership workshop on Governance
    • Facilitated by McKinsey and Co.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of Dr. Zuhair Hamed Fayez, screening and controlling incoming and outgoing communications and correspondence.
    • Prepare briefs and comments on incoming documents.
    • Draft agreements and MOUs.
    • Schedule meetings, activities and appointments. 
    • ​Coordinate and follow up with the different departments and branches as well as with the companies on which Boards’ Dr. Fayez sits.
  • Making research for travels and finalizing all arrangements (business and leisure) for the President and family.
  • Mr. Ghobril was the company’s Vacation coordinator between 1989 and 1994 where his duties included determining employees’ eligibility for vacation in addition to processing and tracking these vacations.

September 1984 – November 1987:
Capital Trust Bank SAL (later on sold to Banque du Credit Libanais)
Head Office: Accounting and Statistics department

July 1983 – September 1983:
Capital Trust Bank SAL
Beirut, Lebanon
Head Office:  Accounting and Statistics department
Summer trainee.

July 1981 – September 1981:
Capital Trust Bank SAL
Ashrafieh Branch, Beirut, Lebanon
Summer trainee on branch work: Savings, Current accounts and Foreign Exchange.


Scientific Baccalaureate, Part II, Option Maths (1979)
Collège des Frères Du Mont La Salle, Ain Saadé, Lebanon
B.P. 17-5353 Mar Mikhael
1104 2030 Beyrouth

Licence of Economics (French System 4 years of studies: 1980 – 1984)
Université Saint Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon
Rue de Damas, BP 17-5208 - Mar Mikhaël
Beyrouth - 1104 2020

2 Years of Postgraduate Studies (DES Economie de l’Entreprise: 1984 – 1986)
Université Saint Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon
Topics covered were:


Languages spoken and written:
Arabic, English, and French