Mufadhal A. Shkara

Senior Vice President - Corporate Advancement

Born: 1953
Nationality: Iraqi


Post Graduate Diploma in Architectural Design - 1977
MSc. Architectural Engineering – Baghdad University in 1979


Zuhair Fayez Partnership, KSA

2007 - Present
Senior Vice President for Corporate Advancement for leading the Business Development,Marketing & PR teams in identifying, qualifying and capture of new business. He must interface with potential customers to understand and shape requirements, schedules and capabilities. He must interface with industry personnel to develop teaming and or partnering relationships to support business needs. He will act as a central knowledge base for ZFP’s strategic direction, be able to formulate tactical and strategic plans to support both business development and customer objectives. Strong team building skills as a team leader and supporting member of a team are necessary. This position will work with the executive leadership in developing strategic marketing programs to support ZFP’s business and to evaluate new types of business opportunities.

1996- 2007
Assistant Vice President in Business Development, involved in studying major projects and coordinates between many parties to develop complex proposals which requires financing,intensive feasibility studies, advance engineering solutions and combination of program management, construction management and normal contracting

Director of Business Development where he managed to develop this evolving and very sensitive department putting in consideration all aspects of challenges concerning its activity.

Director of Information Technologies (IT) were he was Involved in the development of the Facilities Information System (FIS) which integrates three main modules; Geographical Information System (GIS), Facilities Management System (FMS) and Maintenance Management System (MMS). This system was used in a major project in the Royal Saudi Air force. He was involved in developing many internal systems for ZFP.

Project Manager for major projects including:
SOG-2 (a palace on a 5000 sq.m. site), Mawarid Labor Camp in Makkah (a self-contained complex for a population of 7,500), KSA Building- Riyadh (an office building with a total floor area of 4,500 sq.m.), Islamic Center in Caracas, Venezuela, Makkah International Market (on 50,000 sq.m.), HRH Prince Turki Bin Nasir Palace in Riyadh (a palace complex of 23 different buildings totaling 50,000 sq.m.), Site Preparation and Contractors Facilities Master Plan for a major military base, and Master Plan/Facilities Management for an Airbase.

He has been involved in studying major power generation plant of a value exceeding 5 Billion USD, housing complexes.

Kara Establishment, KSA

  • Manager of the Engineering Studies Division, Kara Establishment. Responsible for planning and design of Makkah and Madinah Housing projects.
  • supervision for various projects mainly; Jeddah Hilton, Kara Camp, Cornish comm. Center.
  • Cost Estimation and scheduling of mainly; Mesfala park, Makka/Al-Madina express way, Taif dam, Makkah ring road, Dhahran Airport Int. terminal, Sultan Military school, American Embassy in Riyadh, Ministry of Interior Headquarters Riyadh Sewage Treatment Plant etc.

Hisham A. Munir & Partners, IRAQ
He was Architect of Hisham A. Munir and Partners, Baghdad, where he was engaged in the architectural design of various projects totaling more than 1.5 billion SR.


  • Board Member of Zuhair Fayez Partnership

  • Management Council Member of Zuhair Fayez Partnership

  • Member of JCCI-IT Committee (2000 – 2004)

  • Member of Iraqi Engineering Association

  • Member of PMI (Project Management Institute)