Sami Fayez

Sr. Vice President for Technology, Administration, and Human Resources
Born: 1949
Nationality: Saudi Arabia


BSc. Electrical Engineering - Colorado University – U.S.A, on 1972.
MSc. Electrical Engineering - Colorado University – U.S.A, on 1973.


Zuhair Fayez Partnership, KSA
Senior Vice President
Architecture, Engineering, IT. Consultant

Since joining our firm until March 1995, Mr. Fayez has been primarily responsible for all activities pertaining to construction management and supervision.

Major responsibilities include the following:

  • Developing and implement a strategic and plans in coordination with the Board members.
  • Provided guidance and leadership to IT Business Unit to ensure effective team environments, through efficient leadership, motivational and organizational techniques.

  • Assisting in the development of a structure of IT framework that integrates Senior Staffs into decision making and significantly involves them in strategic planning and budgeting. Interact regularly with executive team and individual department heads to ensure that company’s operational priorities are aligned with total company direction.

  • Developing and directing the management of our Information Technology Department to ensure that all operational systems are continuously evaluated for proper operation, relevance and utilization, evaluate work progress of Business unit to achieve pre-determine targets.

  • Achieveing a financial performance of IT Business Unit and market share that is the local market leader and subsequently, a regional or national market leader.

  • Aligns all work and resource management with the mission, vision, philosophies and values, goals and strategic imperatives to makes decisions always in regards to best interest of the Business Unit. Maintain primarly communication between the Vice Presidents and obtains and decision from President.

  • Conduct review of projects with Vice President on timely basis to ensure proper coordinattion and timely input from the participants. Continually investigate and introduce process improvement measures and present suggestions to Executive Vice President for consideration.

  • Facilitates a positive culture that supports corporate goals, promotes individual and team initiative and fosters open communication through all levels of the organization.

  • Uses data to monitor results and develop targeted interventions in response to quality and IT management issues

Fayez Trading and Shipping Co., KSA

General Manager at Fayez Trading and Shipping Company. A family-owned company engaged in trading and services.


Director of Electrical and Mechanical Section at NADCO


Deputy General Manager at NADCO.


  • Expansion of Al Kharj Military Factory.

  • Construction and installation of four major military factories for liquid Oxygen and liquid Nitrogen at Taif, Khamis Mushayt, Dhahran and Tabuk.

  • Four military projects for Aircraft Arresting Gear at Khamis Mushayt, Dhahran, Tabuk and Taif.

  • Construction of Dhahran International Hotel.

  • Maintenance contract of King Fahd Air Force base in Taif.

In addition, Mr. Fayez was responsible for pricing, cost control, execution and supervision of electrical and mechanical operations throughout NADCO.