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2015 ZFP Annual Tennis Tournament - Week 2

We're now on our 2nd week of the 2015 ZFP Annual Tennis Tournament. This week marks the start of the matches for Class B with last year's Class C tennis champion, Mounir Bekkali, beating Johnny Diores during the first match of the week last Sunday.

The Class B match was followed by one for Class A where Ed Umlas beat last year's Class A Champion, Badr Z. Fayez, in 2 sets with scores of 6 - 3 and 6 - 2.

Monday saw the matches between Ronald Mercado and Mark Masingkil of Class A followed by the Class B match between Jun Noveno and Mohammed Nayeem Khan. Ronald won in 2 sets against Mark with scores of 6 - 2 then 6 - 1 while Nayeem won against Jun in a close match with a score of 10 - 8.


Tuesday - For Class B, Fawzy beat Miswak with a score of 10 - 4. A lot of people were expecting a close match but Abdullah Miswak felt off during the night and grew increasingly frustrated with his game while Fawzy calmly continued with the game and won. For Class A, Leo beat Eric in 3 sets with Leo getting the first set with a score of 7 - 5, Eric getting the second set 6 - 3, and finally Leo won the third with 6 - 1. Both players were visibly tired after the match.

February 11, Wednesday - For Class A: 2014 Class B Champion, Tamer Saeed, beat Robert Punio in 2 sets with scores of 6 - 2 and 6 - 4. Al Shariff went up against Shareef Quadri in the Class B match. Al got the early lead but lost his momentum later in the game. Shareef took the win with a score of 10 - 4.


To end the week, Sports Coordinator Iftikhar Javed replaced Hossam Abdulhamid in the tournament and went up against Chuck Lizen during the Class B match. Iftikhar won with a score of 10 - 1. 

The last match of the week is from Class A with Ronald going up against Godofredo. The former was heard saying, "He's like a ball machine," during the rally. Despite Ronald's earlier comment, he still came out on top and won in 2 sets.

We'll have more matches on the third week so check this blog for updates.

Posted in ZFP Sports on Feb 09, 2015

© 2015 Zuhair Fayez Partnership All rights reserved