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Dr. Zuhair Fayez Ranks 7th Among Top CEOs

Taken from Saudi Magazine: Dr. Fayez has enjoyed a long, distinguished career, going all the way back to when he was a student in the United States. “I had the pleasure of experiencing professional work as a student, working part-time while studying, in addition to offering model making services to several firms as a freelancer. After receiving my Masters Degree, I obtained a Green Card and worked professionally in Denver, Colorado, for over two years for two firms: Hartzell-Pfeiffenberger and Maxwell Saul & Associates. I then enrolled at the University of Michigan for my Doctorate studies. I went back to Saudi Arabia in 1975 and established Zuhair Fayez & Associates firm in May 1975,” he explains. “The firm was founded,” Dr. Fayez continues, “when I came back from the States for a short vacation to attend my sister’s marriage and complete my data gathering for my dissertation, which was ‘Housing for Developing Nations: Saudi Arabia as a Case Study’. At that time Saudi Arabia was experiencing its first boom which gave me the opportunity to design and supervise a housing compound of 44 units.” Over such a long span of time Dr. Fayez understandably finds it difficult pin down his greatest achievement, saying: “That’s a difficult question. I would say the main achievement is to be where we are today. After 40 years in the profession from one employee to around 4,000, from one discipline to multi-disciplines, from one office to seven local and three international offices.” And Dr. Fayez should add that he was selected by his majesty King Fahd to be one of the first Sixty Shoura Council (Consultative Council) members in 1993. That is certainly and achievement that should not be overlooked!

Posted in News on Jan 05, 2015

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